Kantes de Boda

Kantes de Boda

Sephardic wedding songs


The Sephardic wedding or boda is punctuated by numerous songs that mark and describe various stages of the festivities, often humorously and always rhythmically. From the contract or ketubá between the families, to the young woman’s farewell as she leaves her childhood home for her new life, by way of the presentation of the dowry (ajuar or ajugar), the ritual bath, the dressing of the bride (novia), the procession to the house where the celebration is to take place, the feast – everything, or almost everything, is accompanied by song.

The tambourine players (tanaderas) make sure each song starts at the appropriate moment. The songs celebrate the bride’s beauty and the richness of the presents; make fun and counsel distrust of mothers-in-law; offer advice to young brides; admire the sumptuousness of the feast; and describe the rituals, poetically or humorously.



Edith Saint-Mard voice
Romina Lishka viola da gamba
Bernard Mouton recorders
Philippe Malfeyt lute, guitern
Anne Niepold, accordion
Vincent Libert percussions