Luz de Oro

Pavane records, 2011

Edith Saint-Mard voice
Bernard Mouton recorders, cromhorn
Thomas Baeté viola da gamba, fiddle, voice
Philippe Malfeyt vihuela, lute, oud
Emre Gültekin bağlamas, tanbûr, voice
Anne Niepold accordion
Vincent Libert udu, daf, deff, darbouka, riqq, tambour 

Judaeo-Spanish songs of East and West
The Sephardic Jews who have been settled in Spain for so many centuries, eventually were expelled at the end of the 15th century. They have brought with them their medieval culture and they carefully kept it as a valuable piece of jewellery throughout their exile and diaspora as it really was the symbol of their Spanish identity. Over time, this oral tradition was enriched by contact with other cultures. By this means a single corpus underwent different developments which gave rise to two independent traditions. One, in the East, was centred upon the communities settled in the former Ottoman Empire; the other, in the West, represented by the communities established in the Maghreb and in European countries.