Anne Niepold discovered the accordion at the age of 13. She attended numerous courses, notably with Bruno le Tron, Didier Laloy, Norbert Pignol, Stéphane Milleret and Philippe Thuriot. As time passed, Anne left behind the world of traditional music and discovered an interest in improvised music and jazz. As a result she began to study jazz composition and arrangement with Kris Defoort at the Koninklijk Conservatorium Brussel. In 2008, she obtained a Master’s degree there as well as winning the prestigious Toots Thielemans Jazz Award. She has also gained her teaching diploma and currently teaches at the not-for-profit Muziekpublique foundation and at the Sint-Agatha-Berchem Academy as well as on numerous international courses.
Alongside her studies, Anne began to perform with a wide variety of ensembles (Olla Vogala, Chansons sans Paroles, La Roza Enflorese), with whom she gave many concerts in Belgium and abroad. Having always wanted to develop her own music, she is now avidly pursuing personal projects: the duo deux accords diront, which won the Prix Gus Viseur (Paris, 2006); ’s Nachts zijn alle katten grijs (‘At night all cats are grey’, a solo performance for young audiences created for Zonzo Compagnie, 2009); the jazz trio Hotel Terminus; ‘Marcel Marcelsson and Aline Alinopoulos’ (French chanson); and the Knopf Quartet. Anne can currently be heard not only in the context of her own projects but also working with prestigious ensembles such as Muziektheater Transparant (Orlando) and Graindelavoix (Muntagna Nera).

July 2019