Born in 1969 in Ciney (Belgium), Vincent Libert attended music classes from the age of 8 in his native village. During these classed he learned to play the piano, the transverse flute, the saxophone, the oboe, and various percussion instruments. Although he played all of these instruments in many professional ensembles, to the public he is a percussionist before all else. In spite of his occupation as inspector of the administration of company taxes, Vincent Libert continues to pursue his musical activities. From 1984 onwards, he has been a drummer in a great number of rock, jazz and variety bands with whom he recorded many records. In 1997, he engaged in ancient music and worked on different projects with Bernard Mouton. In 1999 he attended the Master classes given by the ensemble Micrologus in Paris. Familiar with the medieval instruments and rhythm, he was one of the co-founders of the ensemble Fin' Amor. 

July 2019